Zipline | The Magical Startup saving hundreds of lives.

Zipline | The Magical Startup saving hundreds of lives.

Know about Zipline.

Zipline is founded by Keller Rinaudo in 2011. It is an American medical product delivery company headquartered in South San Francisco, California that designs, builds, and operates drone aircrafts. In 2011 it was named as “Romotive” and later changed to “Zipline” in 2014.

The company operates distribution centers in Rwanda and Ghana. The company began drone deliveries in Rwanda in 2016 and primarily delivered blood. 

Currently, they are operating in Rwanda and Ghana. It is planned to set up its plants in India and the Philippines in this year 2020.

Zipline operates in the countries like Rwanda and Ghana, Where transportation facilities are not much developed. Due to the unavailability of blood, many people have to lost their lives.

The startup comes with an unusual idea, that deals with the situation of the scarcity of resources, They’ve built a drone system to deliver the blood.

In addition to blood, the drones deliver platelets, frozen plasma, and cryoprecipitate. As of May 2019, more than 65% of blood deliveries in Rwanda outside of Kigali use Zipline drones.

In Ghana, the company began using drones in April 2019 to deliver vaccines, blood, and medicines.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Federal Aviation Administration granted a Part 107 waiver to Novant Health in partnership with Zipline for the delivery of medical supplies and personal protective equipment to medical facilities in North Carolina.

Zipline covers around 40,000 km in one single day, and they claim that they’ve covered over 6,000,000 km in their total journey uptill now.

They’ve saved hundreds of lives per day, by travelling miles and delivered blood. The delivery drones are Proven to work in extremes: from the hot California desert to the rainy mountains of Rwanda. Zipline’s drones can fly through extreme weather, and during day and night.

Their drones cruises with a high speed of 100km/h. A single Zipline distribution center provides instant medical access within an 80km radius.

A single flight can deliver up to 3 units of blood. For larger orders, multiple drones are sent at the same time.

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