Learn These Skills if you are a CS Student !!!

If you are a CSE student or IT student you must know these basic skills. In this segment, we are talking about some basic traits that a computer engineer student must accomplish before 4 years of engineering.

If you just do timepass in your four years of engineering and at the end looking for a decent job only because you have degree. then this is a big misunderstanding you have.

Probably you will get a 3L to 4L package per year. but is it sufficient after struggling long for 4 years, so many hard subjects and projects, and paid lakhs of rupees?

In your four years of engineering, you must have these 10 skills to claim yourself a perfect engineer. CSE is a vast field with so many tasks as well as that many options.

Let us start with the points.

1. Good Programming skills in any one language.

Having a good programming skill is basic in becoming a good Computer engineer. Programming can get you good jobs or you can design your own program, application, and earn money. Nowadays everything is digital, if you excel in any In-demand programming language you have lots of opportunities waiting for you.

Best programming language to learn in 2020-

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • R
  • SQL
  • C/C++
  • Kotlin
  • PHP

2. Strong Data Structures and Algorithm skills.

Data structures and algorithms (DSA) goes through solutions to standard problems in detail and gives you an insight into how efficient it is to use each one of them. It also teaches you the science of evaluating the efficiency of an algorithm. This enables you to choose the best of various choices.

3. Basic web development skills

Learning HTML, CSS, javascript, and SQL can help you building and maintaining websites, web development has big scope ahead, it is showing the positive growing graph. All this is easy and fun to learn and understand. you will get a decent job or open your own web development and management company or you can sell custom made templates.

4. Basics of Machine Learning, artificial intelligence and neural network

As we are entering into the post-digital era, and the demand for artificial intelligence is increasing. you must focus on AI and its is sub constitutes. It is trending technology and with the demand, these technologies will be in great demand. Many big techbulls in market already working on this technology. If you work hard maybe. You will get job in your dream company like google or microsoft.

5. Learn to make a very basic operating system.

If you are a CSE student you already know, What is mean by the operating system. You may have this as a subject at college. if you pass the subject then you may know how to build one. Nobody expects a top notch but u must know how to build a basic one. Atleast may have a basic idea of how to build and its fundamentals.

7. Know the assembly of computer.

If you take CSE and want to work in the IT sector. maybe this point many of you think foolish but if you apply or will to work for a hardware company or get an opportunity as tech support these are some basic things you must know. Name of the parts, Where they fit, how to fix, and dismantle a computer. because in the IT sector all you have to deal with computers.

8. Create some basic projects.

while learning programming languages you may have some ideas in your head. Execute them via making a program. This help you practising as well as it makes you better.

While applying for the interview featuring such projects can help you improve your liability for the job. And it adds experience to your work. It is always fun in learning and making new things.

Example projects

  • EMI Calculator.
  • Chatbots.
  • Small Games.
  • Dummy Applications.

9. Basics of security, vulnerabilities, and cryptography.

learn pentesting, Debugging, and cryptography, securing data is as important as creating data. cyberattacks, ransomware is a big threat to companies, hackers steal the data and demand for bounties. As everything is going digital cybersecurity will play a key role in the future. Because securing data is as important as creating data.

10. Always stay updated.

If you are personally related to the IT sector you need to stay updated with tech as well as the social updates. Because the main job of IT people is to find problems and create solutions. Always stay up to date, what is trending in the market what are new things launch.

11. Never stop learning new skills.

In the IT sector you always have to learn new things, because technology changes rapidly, Industry always demands something new, what is now demand of the market maybe change tomorrow, you all know once C rule the market, then java and now python. IT field is very dynamic you always have to make yourself comfortable with change and never stop learning.

12. Competitive Coding.

Do competitive coding and actively participate in coding competitions. this helps in your resume and enhance your experience and make you a a better programmer.

Here are some sites where you can practice :

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