Digital Twin | Everything you need to know about.

Digital Twin | Everything you need to know about.

What is Digital Twin?

In simple words Digital twin is a digital or virtual copy of physical assets or product.

The digital representation provides both the elements and the dynamics of how an Internet of things (IoT) device operates and lives throughout its life cycle. In digital twin, twin refers to the virtual representation/image (generally 3-D model) of a product, process, or service. It’s a very important concept in the Internet of things (IOT).

This term was first introduced and clearly defined by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2003 at the University of Michigan.

NASA was the one of the first to use this technology for space exploration missions.

The concept of the Digital Twin can be compared to other concepts such as cross-reality environments or co-spaces and mirror models, which aims to synchronize parts of the physical world with cyber representation.

Digital twins integrates IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software Analytics with spatial network graphs to create living digital simulation models that update and change as their physical counterparts change. A Digital Twin continuously learns and updates itself from multiple sources to represent its near real-time status, working conditions or position. This learning system learns from itself, using sensor data that convey various aspects of its operating condition; from human experts, such as engineers with deep and relevant industry domain knowledge, from other similar machines, from other similar fleets of machines, and from the larger systems and environment of which it may be a part of. A digital twin also integrates historical data from past machine usage to factor into its digital model.

How does the Digital Twin works?

With the digital twin concept, the virtual model is not discarded but it is connected to the physical object through a cloud-based system. Also, the physical object does not use the same components as before in its development, rather contains smart components equipped with sensors.

The sensors connected to the physical object collect real-time data about status, working condition, or position being integrated with a physical item, etc, and sends it back to the Digital Twin. Their interaction can help optimize the product’s performance.

it connects the real and virtual world by collection real time data from the installed sensors.

The collected data is either locally decentralized or centrally stored in a cloud storage. Then the data evaluated and simulated in virtual copy of assets.

After receiving the information from the simulator the parameters are applied to real assets. The integration of the data from real and virtual representations helps in optimizing the performance of the real assets.

The digital twin concept consists of three distinct parts: the physical product, the digital/virtual product, and connections between the two products. The connections between the physical product and the digital/virtual product is data that flows from the physical product to the digital/virtual product and information that is available from the digital/virtual product to the physical environment.


  • Manufacturing Industries – Manufacturing industries can make a Digital prototype of the product.
  • The Automotive Industry – Automotive industry can make a Digital prototype for the vehicle which will be cost-efficient and safe for simulation purposes.
  • Construction It will be more convenient for construction businesses to check the building structure, before actually constructing it. Also, they can find out the things that need to be changed and improved.
  • Utilities – Utilities can be beautifully and more creatively designed using the Digital Twin technology.
  • Healthcare The concept of the digital twin in the healthcare industry was originally first used in products or equipment was prognostics. By using a Digital twin lives can be improved by taking a more data-driven approach.


In our above article, we mention about digital twin and its working and its applications. it helps a lot in IoT. the main purpose to write this article is most people are still unaware of this technology and very underrated technology. The article is not much detailed our main purpose is to make people more aware of it and explain it working in simple words.

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