DARQ | A step towards the post-digital era

DARQ | A step towards the post-digital era

What is DARQ?

DARQ is the new emerging technology, Nowadays Experts are also stating that it is the future of the IT industry. it is the technology of the post-digital era. This new technology will be an important catalyst for a change in the world where every industry already has a large arsenal of digital tools.

Then the main question arises and people may be curious to think about what is DARQ?

DARQ stands for

D – Stands for distributed ledger technology.

A – Stands for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

R – Stands for Extended Reality (AR and VR are subsets of it).

Q – Stands for Quantum Computing.

New technologies act as a catalyst for a change, offering extraordinary new business capabilities. This technology will totally change the way of working and thinking.

it is basically integration of four different technologies. Together these technologies will open new a pathways into the future.

DARQ technology will play a key-role in the fourth industrial revolution.

In this digital era the technologies greatly helps in emerging the growth of the industry and economy.

Technologies make the task way more easier and optimise the time.

Techies always keep an eye on the emerging technology of AI-Artificial intelligence, and surely AI in integration with all these technologies can surely bring the next big evolution in the future.

Experts believe that even though the individual technologies have an impact and have proven useful to the industry but combined they can perform miracles.

In the post-digital world, where processing would be the power, DARQ would be the powerhouse. One of the most fascinating, nearly possible science-fiction futures is the implementation of DARQ in real-world applications.

Capabilities enabled

  • Distributed smart ledgers
    • Transact without a middleman or trusted parties
    • large scale collaboration and transactions among strangers.
    • self-executing smart contracts.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automate business function
    • Scan an unprecedented amount of data
    • make the benefits of analytics more widely available.
  • Reality Extended
    • New-Emmenisve environment
    • On-demanded handsfree information.
  • Quantum computing
    • Solve the intractable problem with today’s computer
    • Transform global cybersecurity
    • Discover new material

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